Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The list Gets Longer!!!

So As of Today we have an Awesomtastic List of Prom DJ's DJSheetz, DJ Perky, DJJenniPowell , DJJammyJams, DJ MicFranXon and DJ Hammy is to Join the mix of Freakin Sweet DJ's !!!

Stay tuned for More information!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another DJ !!!

We've got another D J in for the Prom ! DJ MicFranXon is totally down to DJ. Word is on the street he is gonna bring out his good stuff for the Prom goers.

We still could use more DJ's if anyone else would like to vollenteer. Thanks guys for all your support.

Prom Date Organizer !

More News. . . .
Hey guys! If you
could, please email with who you are and who your date is to the #ircprom. I am trying to organize the prom dates for the event. Please include the user name you join IRC with and the name we all know you by and your dates name.

So guys Start PMing your ladies and lock them in for May 17th!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Prom DJ Line Up News!

So far we have 4 DJ's that are volunteering to DJ for The Ceremony !!
The Legendary DJSheetz, DJ Perky, DJJenniPowell and DJJammyJams!!!
The schedule isn't worked out yet but soon you all will know when these great DJ's will be spinning their tunes.
We are excited to have more DJ's on the list if you would like to get on the bandwagon email us at or join us in chat !!

Prom News as of 4-21-08

Hey Guys the Prom Committee has Decided on some Hot Topics that you want to be aware of. We are going to have nominations for the 2008 LG15 Community Prom Court. Nominations are to be sent in between May 10th - May 15th to Feel free to Nominate yourself or a friend.

Stay posted to Prom Night 2008 For more news. If you would like to be part of the planning process join us in the IRC chat on the Freenode network in #IRCprom !

Have Fun! We hope to see you at the Best Prom of the IRC world!

Prom News as of 4-20-08

Welcome to IRC Prom! This is where all discussion concerning planning for the upcoming prom will take place. Feel free to submit your own ideas to Prom will take place on Saturday, May 17th, with the theme, The Ceremony: Be Part of Something.