Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Royal Court is :

King ApotheosisAZ

Queen Kira

Prince Surf

Princess Maddemp


Friday, May 16, 2008

Be Part Of Something

Remember This,
Lets Be Part Of Something like PROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Clarify The Nomination Process and a Few other things.

There were a few questions that need to be addressed for the Nominations process. The top four names that were nominated in each category the most were the names that were released last night. Nominations closed at 12 (midnight ) PDT last night. Any nomination received there after were not added to the final tally. At one point there was a 8 way tie for Queen. Thankfully MicFranXon allowed one of the Prom Committee members to notify the community, during his show, that there was a lack of nominations. Also that the tie needed to be broken. After that a number of nominations poured in, thus breaking the tie and making the top four quite evident. As for why there is only 3 Princes' on the list. Those were the only names submitted under the Prince Nomination list. At no time was the Prom Committee, in any way swaying nominations, nor did any of them nominate a person for the Royal Court. If at all, we as a committee encouraged The Community to send in nominations, create prom videos, campaign for your person of choice for court and to have fun doing it all.

We hope that you will all be there tomorrow night, to enjoy all the fun that is the Prom, because thats what it is all about. Having a great time with your friends and enjoy good music. Polls will open up right here at around 4pm PST. This is earlier than originally discussed to allow for as many votes to be put in as possible. Updates on who is winning will be given through the night until BreeFM's Station's Manager's announcement. Not to mention that you never know what might happen during prom. There is the possibility of some quite exciting things. So join us Saturday for a full night of Music, Fun, Games, Friends, and EPICNESS. This prom is going to make history, and who doesn't want to be apart of that.

Thank you to EVERYONE that sent in Nominations. It truly shows that we are all big community when we have an 8 way tie. Prom is going to Bring us together. Let's make this the best event of the year!!!!!

Final Nominations for Royal Court

Here are Your Final Four Nominations for Royal Court 2008 to Be Part Of Something.
Stay Tuned to this Blogspot for the Voting Polls Tommorow Night!

  1. greggallows
  2. ApotheosisAZ
  3. MicFranXon
  4. Brooklynxman

  1. Perky
  2. Chelseyrl
  3. Sheetzjunkie
  4. lyriclyinclined
  1. SonOfAStitchPJ
  2. Surfthetsu
  3. Caravelle
  1. xsighxsighx
  2. livelaughlove
  3. maddemp
  4. kelseygirl15

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last Chance to Nominate A Community Member for the Royal Court!

TONIGHT the nominations close ! After tonight no more nominations will be accepted . So get them into once more send them in like this :

Screen Name- Community Name

King- Full SCreename (Over 18)
Queen- Full Screename (Over 18 )

Prince -Full SCreename (Under 18) { which we could use MORE Nominations for }
Princess - Full Screename (Under 18)

So Send them in guys and gals! Stay tuned Tomorrow night when voting opens for the Royal Court on the Night before The Ceremony !!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nominations Update for The Ceremony's Royal Court

OK to clairfy somethings that were left unmentioned
Here is an example of the Best way to send in a Nomination:

Screenname- CommunityName

King- Full SCreename
Queen- Full Screename

Prince -Full SCreename
Princess - Full Screename

If you could please send them in to in that format it would be GREAT!!!

The top 4 Names in each catagory will be put into polls for voting .

Thanks Bunchs Peeps! Prom is going to be an event you would not want to miss, because we are going to be talking about it for months.

History is to be made!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Ceremony is ready to Commence The Schedule Has been Prepared!

Hello everyone ! I know we are all Excited about prom coming up so now I reveal the very anticipated DJ Schedule ! There will be things going on all prom night so stay turned to your Prom HQ for all the news and don't forget to send in your Nominations for Royal Court !!!

Stay Tuned for more information on Prom and all the excitement of it all!! This event is going to Make History!

12(noon) DJ KShellz
1 pm RomyDJ
2pm DJ Acid
3pm DJ Sheetz
4 Pm DJ Perky
5Pm DJ JenniPowell
6pm DJ Skunkwaffle
7pm DJ Cloud
8pm ApotheosisDJ
9pm DJ MicFranXon
9:30 pm the Royal Court Announcement By Station Manager
10pm Dj Kira
11pm DJ Jammy Jams

* All times are PST *

We Keep Spreading The Word

Make a Video Showing Your Excitement for Prom!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Time To Decide Your Royal Court for 2008

It is time to send in your nominations for the Royal Court of The Ceremony. Nominations are open to everyone!!! Please submit to your Screenname and the names for nomination. Please pick one boy and one girl to be your King and Queen/Prince and Princess. The top names will be put into a poll to vote on 24 hours before the annoucement. Feel Free to nominate anyone from the Breeniverse or the Community.

Nominations are Open Now so send them in before they close on Thursday May 15th, 2008 and 12:00 PST.

Royal Court Annoucement will be made During Prom by the 9pm PST DJ.

Nominations sent more than once from the same email will be counted only once. Nominations sent in after the deadline will not be added to the talley. You may not nominate yourself. Please include your Screenname, email submitted without SN will not be counted.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Calling All DJ's !

Hey Guys Da Shellz here, If you havn't contacted me with your desire to be a part of the Prom Experience please do so .. Email or the . If you have already spooken with me please don't be alarmed just PM me or email me your time-zone information.

That is all, please return to your normaly broadcasted lives

- The Invitation Has been Extended to All of You-

Join Us , Come hear your Eternal DANCE MUSIC!!

:::Hey Guys a Member of the Prom Committee Has this to say :::

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Prom is only 17 Days Away!

With prom being only a little more than 2 weeks away everyone is excited. Amazing things are in the works for this history making event. I just thought it would be nice to let everyone know that there is still people working on the Prom Events and such to make it as stellar as when Napoleon took Deb to the prom if not better. So girls find that poofy sleeved dress and guys find that wool tux because time is a ticking.

So here is the Updated List of DJ's set to preform at Prom ( in no particular order)
  • DJ Sheetz
  • DJ Perky
  • DJ JenniePowell
  • DJ JammyJams
  • DJ MicFranXon
  • DJ Hammy
  • DJ Romy
  • DJ Apo
  • DJ Cloud
  • TBA
So if you have questions or have a kick butt idea please please please email the prom committee at !!!!

Until then see you all around the IRC and Forums.

As a reminder everyone in " The Community " is invited. All are welcome as we make history and break records.