Monday, May 12, 2008

The Ceremony is ready to Commence The Schedule Has been Prepared!

Hello everyone ! I know we are all Excited about prom coming up so now I reveal the very anticipated DJ Schedule ! There will be things going on all prom night so stay turned to your Prom HQ for all the news and don't forget to send in your Nominations for Royal Court !!!

Stay Tuned for more information on Prom and all the excitement of it all!! This event is going to Make History!

12(noon) DJ KShellz
1 pm RomyDJ
2pm DJ Acid
3pm DJ Sheetz
4 Pm DJ Perky
5Pm DJ JenniPowell
6pm DJ Skunkwaffle
7pm DJ Cloud
8pm ApotheosisDJ
9pm DJ MicFranXon
9:30 pm the Royal Court Announcement By Station Manager
10pm Dj Kira
11pm DJ Jammy Jams

* All times are PST *

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